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Stitch Government offers hyper-evolved research promotion program

Updated: May 19, 2020

With the information world in over-drive at the hands of the crisis, the extension of valuable research to those who will utilize it is paramount. New publicity strategies are rocking the boat for research firms of all shapes and sizes, giving them the power to transform their movements and see fast-tracked results.

Stitch Government has just launched its advanced Research Promotion Program, aiming to revolutionize every aspect of information movements. The completely turnkey solution gives research firms the ability to extend their meaningful findings to stakeholders that will drive their information further. When valuable research is distributed to Think Tanks, government bodies and private sector stakeholders, research organizations can see the clear-cut impact their work has on both domestic and international initiatives.

Marrying the core of traditional publicity with cutting-edge technology, Stitch Government’s Research Promotion Program marks the beginning of a new era for research firms. Utilizing powerful A.I. technology alongside automation tools and machine-learning algorithms, the program pushes research firms to stand boldly at the front of their industry, claiming expertise and building support. Aligning research firms and their movements with key stakeholders enables impressive results.

The use of consistent and fully-functional media outreach tools helps push clients into a self-fuelled spotlight, providing publicity strategies that leave traditional marketing tools in the dust. Research firms can expect to see their media coverage increase by 1000% with the implementation of automation tools, creating the perfect environment for support base growth and increased trust.

Stitch Government also features a dynamic government advisory team focused on bridging the conversation between research firms and impactful government bodies. The team will review the client’s research and determine whether the content is appropriate for distribution. If it is, clients gain a unique opportunity to liaison with the highest levels of government: this enables them to offer stakeholders talking points, customized summaries and even attend in-person briefings. This element of the program enables firms to forge their own future by seeking high levels of impact. This is a novel opportunity for research firms looking to offer their problem-solving expertise to stakeholders.

The program also includes content syndication to renowned news affiliate sites including CBS, NBS and Fox. The content is maximized for impact before being distributed, allowing clients to reach new audiences and gain lucrative exposure. Syndication through reputable news organizations catapults meaningful research into the public sphere and builds a foundation of trust for the client.

To add to this, Stitch Government’s program also gives clients the opportunity to create a customized and specialized niche forum as either a virtual summit or National Press Club event. Extending their dialogue to include fellow researchers and vital stakeholders, it’s a unique way for researchers to inject value into their niche industry.

Researchers seeking to distribute their findings to valuable sectors need to reshape the way they interact with their stakeholders. Stitch Government’s Research Promotion Programs drives information movements by aligning valuable findings with those who need solutions.

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