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Stitch Government launches virtual event service that can lift Political Action Committees

Updated: May 20, 2020

Though the crisis has halted many sectors of our world, politics remains as robust as ever. For political action committees (PAC), it marks a new era in connecting and lures their digital shift. To gear up for the presidential election later this year, PAC’s need to harness new tools to get their message across, as well as strengthen their support base.

One of the best ways for PAC’s to stay relevant and valuable during the crisis is to drive successful virtual events and summits. A new service developed by Stitch Government allows PAC’s the opportunity to take a next generation, collaborative approach to virtual events by streamlining media outreach and using surgically targeted invites. The Virtual Summit Service puts the power back into the hands of PAC leaders, giving them a customizable platform that drives their movement to success.

Featuring impressive media outreach technology powered by A.I. and automation, Stitch Government’s service takes PAC leaders to the top. When a client signs up for the service, specific relevant keywords are highlighted and used to find unique media engagement opportunities. When keywords match, journalists and other media stakeholders are immediately sent an automatic pitch, featuring a VIP pass to the event. Utilizing automation tools, a customized media hype surrounding the event and the client is formed, leaving traditional marketing tools in the dust.

The media hype is designed to maximize the impact of the virtual summit, providing outreach for up to 30 days prior and 60 days after the event. Interviews, features and other unique engagements can help build momentum for the client’s event, pushing influential stakeholders to take notice. The use of Stitch Government’s Virtual Summit Service allows PAC’s the opportunity to design their own force, forge their own future and reach influential audiences. PAC clients who are in need of immediate media coverage are also given the opportunity to use tools like Calendly and Zoom. The client simply has to log on to harness media opportunities that have appeared into their calendar overnight.

The service also provides PAC’s with an automated and customized VIP invitation list, even without prior contact information. The client simply has to provide the system with information on their target audience, including geographic location, industry niche and executive level. The service works in real-time, allowing PAC’s to flourish and extend their reach every day.

Stitch Government’s service also supports an email platform and complete Live-stream production if the PAC client is in need. With hyper-evolved automation tools, creating a successful virtual event with a full audience is achievable.

For PAC’s looking to drive their impact and reach new levels of authority during the crisis, Stitch Publicity’s Virtual Summit Service is a breath of fresh air. The combination of tools available in the service gives PAC’s the power to grow their reach and maximize their impact.

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