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Stitch Government drives government relations firms to create virtual events

Updated: May 20, 2020

Government relations firms looking to reach new audiences should consider implementing powerful innovative marketing tools. To achieve consistent growth in the crisis-era, firms need to keep up by digitalizing their movements and revolutionizing the way they nurture long-term relationships between governments and organizations. In order to stay relevant and provide clients with up-to-date knowledge, firms and their executives should consider hosting virtual events that catalyse their growth and extend their value to wider audiences.

Digital collaborations between organizations and governmental bodies are more important now than ever, as consumers look to engage with the world around them in new ways. To harness the power of digital events, Stitch Government has just launched a new service that aims to help organizations stay pertinent during the new era. Their Virtual Summit Service allows government relations firms and their executives the opportunity to stand at the forefront of their expertise while building a support base and increasing trust. Including streamlined media outreach tools and surgically targeted invites, the service aims to bridge the digital gap for organizations looking to extend their message to wider audiences.

The utilization of A.I. and automation technology highlights where traditional marketing tools lack. Opposed to legacy technology, Stitch Government’s service powers organizations with a customizable platform that can drive movements to success. Through the service, unique media opportunities that catalyse movements are found through the use of targeted keywords. The client specifies keywords that match their motive, and the system automatically scans the newest content posted on social media and mainstream media sites. When a client’s keyword matches, journalists and other media stakeholders are sent a pitch that is automated, outlining the virtual event and including a VIP pass. Every connection formed works to create a media hype surrounding the client’s event.

For maximum impact, media outreach tools are used up to 30 days prior to the virtual event, as well as 60 days afterwards. In doing this, the client’s virtual event is thrust into the spotlight and is powered by a personalized media storm. For government relations firms seeking immediate media coverage, the service also includes the use of real-time tools like Calendly and Zoom. Stitch Government’s service is unique in its ability to personalize the media coverage; when it matches the movement, authenticity and momentum are embedded into the scaffold of the organization.

The client is also able to customize the audience for their virtual event. Specific demographics are chosen by the client, ranging from geographic location to industry niche. An automated VIP invitation list is sent to stakeholders that match using a dynamic database of contacts, providing real-time updates. When government relations firms are able to orchestrate their own audience, the rest of the movement can fall into place.

An email platform is also included in the service, as well as complete Live stream production for clients who are new to the game. Stitch Government’s use of automation and A.I. can supercharge the reach of government relations firms and enable them to transcend through the digitalization of their initiative.

Government relations firms should seek to mobilize the crisis to extend their support base and build trust in their audience. By utilizing the joint power of A.I. technology and automation tools, organizations are in total control of their future.

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