• Stitch Government

"Now, more than ever, Political Organizations need to push!”

Updated: May 20, 2020

At this time of crisis, where are the political heroes? Political action committees were designed to force the government to listen. Government affairs executives exist to offer a conduit for communication between corporations and a government that needs their ingenuity, economy, and industry leadership. And political activists are the lightning bolt to activate grassroots movement and social transformation. Now I ask you, who has stepped up to lead their flock through this tumultuous pandemic?

We are living at a time where society is operating at a deficit of heroes. While the entire reason for the establishment of the above-named government communication vehicles was based on the assumption of leadership. At a time when leaders are needed most, few rise to the occasion. If you ever had an interest in introducing a movement to instigate change and pilot a flock to the promised land, now is the time.

What motivated you to enter this particular industry niche? You could have sold cars, become a ski instructor, a ventriloquist, anything. Yet you chose to inject yourself into a position to influence hearts and minds against the backdrop of the highest level of government in the world's last remaining superpower. At a time like this, the opportunities to instigate meaningful change is optimized with triple the potency, so get out there and begin campaigning.

A consultant or an initiative can still be sensitive to the victims of the coronavirus pandemic while simultaneously taking the opportunity to lead. Distract people from the stress of their current situation with productive and meaningful content and information. Utilize the technology at your disposal to initiate a virtual movement. Produce solutions-based Livestream town halls, publish content with action steps built-in, get busy on social media and let your flock know you're alive and well, and it's time to get moving.

Now is the time to move. This week, today, this very moment is your opportunity to come through for those ideological converts that you've won over and lead them at a time when leadership is desperately needed. Put your dent in the universe now. Inspire at an entirely new level. Your message can be the added push to pull people out of their pandemic fueled anxiety saturated existence, and you can make them move in a positive direction with newfound ideological vigor. Your dedicated tribe chieftains are waiting for your message to deliver to their legions of hyper committed tribe members.

Now is the time to grow your support network. There’s never been a more synergistic opportunity to elevate your leadership position and blend practical ideological adaption into a real-life scenario. Every conceivable granular layer of our population is seeking hope and a new variant of strength that is rooted in the primal desire to survive. The first organization to offer the ideological fence rider the inspiration of strength, with an actionable strategy to help them rise during this pandemic, will own the narrative in their niche.