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How Your PAC Can Find Success in Narrative Ownership

Updated: May 20, 2020

Political Action Committees are a unique beast among the establishment stronghold jungle of America. Most PACs never succeed in their initially scripted mission because they are trying to gain a foothold on their niche's narrative but are doing all the wrong things to achieve success. PACs compete along identical communication vectors for a chance to tell a CNN or Fox News audience who they are and why the viewer should care. When their 2-minute interview is over, their organization's strategic reinforcement is a series of Tweets and a LinkedIn post. While many of these organizations have succeeded in maintaining funding to keep the lights on, few, if any, succeed in profoundly instigating meaningful shifts in culture or ownership in the prized narrative.

PAC success (as well as any political organization initiative) comes down to the identification of the target chieftain who already have the tribe of enthusiasts ready to convert. Next, you need a hook that will grab attention, next you build that hook into a message with a high level of emotionally charged potency. Now you need the patience to wait for the right timing for message delivery; it's best to hinge your message to the emotional stimuli and connectivity of a current event that has good or bad emotionally charged value. Positioning your ideology as a solution to a problem or the reason for a positive event will help you quickly bring digital tribe chiefs to your platform with their tribes following close behind. The next element to PAC success is to offer your new converts and fence riders’ information to rally behind, share, and to identify with. This is done by identifying ideologically related media across multiple communication vectors and offering them a powerful message and a turn-key audience for the content that includes you.

After a while, media outlets and journalists will realize that when they have you on their show as the leader of this unique PAC, with legions of loyal readers, viewers, and listeners, which will result in a larger audience and high ratings for the media that hosts you. You become both the show's star and their reward, simultaneously. The proper public relations firm will know how to optimize the granularity of this strategy for expedited scalability.

The narrative is a prize to those willing to step into the ring and compete for it. The traditional mechanisms for achieving influence are over against the competition of social media, cultural chaos, 24-hour news fluff, and an overly skeptical population at a time of overcommunication and psychological congestion. It's time to wake up to the new vectors of message delivery and ideological pairing with established and thriving digital tribes.

Winning hearts, minds, and attention of new and potential ideological converts, means engaging prospects at their level and adapting your ideas to those already accepted and socialized within the hierarchical structure of each digital tribe. You’ll never achieve this with CNN, and Fox News viewers are loyal, not necessarily for the accuracy of the content. Rather the conservative, "us vs. them" ideological fervor etched into the granularity of each commentator's script, but even this strategy has its limitations. The real movement and competitive edge come to those who identify the most synergistic tribes that possess the closest ideological variant commonalities. If you can align your messaging to the existing soundboard of this newfound establishment of influencers or tribe chieftain, you have the start of your movement.