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How Political Organizations Can Optimize Communication in a Time of Crisis

Updated: May 20, 2020

By Peter Dekalb

A new type of medium aimed to aid Political Organizers, Government Relations initiatives, and Political Action Committees (PACs) for a continuous platform for messaging and flock cultivation, is now available. In a time of crisis, while most political organizations hide behind each other and remain actionless, they are leaving their followers without leadership or ideological positioning to guide them through this devastating time. Leaders are meant to rise and bring their solutions to those who need them most instead, nothing but silence from organizations who claim to have the answers.

The world, including PACs, government relations initiatives and political organizers, are now at a standstill with the pandemic health crisis affecting businesses and companies everywhere, creating a limited space and movement for everyone to access usual activities as election day draws near. Right now, with so much riding on what happens next, there is an opportunity to pull American’s out of the gloom and doom of the moment and offer them idea enriched content that acts as a constructive distraction that prepares them for a critically important election. Now more than ever, American’s need fresh information.

Stitch Government has created a turnkey strategy to respond to this need for fresh information that allows political initiatives the ability to reintroduce meaningful communication with their audience and offers a dynamic, modern and innovative initiative strategy that allows an organization the opportunity to lead when leadership is needed most.

“Our strategy was born out of the disintegration of trust in traditional news media, the automation and tactical targeting of big data, psychographics, and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can do more from an internet connection and a laptop than your current firm will do in the next three months."  Stitch Government said on its website.

They added, “We apply the ingredients of your narrative to proprietary and open-source tools, tactics, procedures, and technology stacks. We combine machine learning, artificial intelligence, dynamic data sets, and “in the trenches” experience to provide you the most potent influence mechanism.”

First 60 days on the Stitch PR Platform

 Every Stitch Government program offers "Surgical Precision, Artificial Intelligence, and Publicity 2.0." 

For the first 60 days, Stitch Government will create an industry niche forum, which includes a website and other digital content, such as live streams for virtual events, by harnessing the new AI-driven technology for massive media coverage of your website and other content. These media engagements will also be sent to your initiative stakeholders.

Stitch Government, through data-driven and game-changing options, will also exponentially help grow your support base for the cause that you are supporting. With the help of a "new level of thought leadership" that ensures your voice will be heard by different mediums and all kinds of people. Stitch Government will also arrange different virtual podcast interview tours with an enthusiastic audience.

Additionally, Stitch Government offers, as part of its package, innovative technology that operates traditional PR tasks without the aid of teams.

“Your initiative will be a direct recipient of an entirely new level of technology-fueled efficiency, machine learning-based strategic calculation, and the communicative orchestration among digital tribes, chieftain, and organizational alliances that only comes with a human interface.” Stitch Government said.

Stitch Government also introduces an AI-Driven media outreach technology called Ronin Autom8, which aims to gather media connections through its extensive database of journalists by linking a journalist and your specific niche. They also include message communication with the key players within your niche in order to promote your movement further.

“We give them the access they require and the customization of the message communication vector to optimize the efficiency of message delivery to their flock. Our AI-driven platform identifies those executives and managers within the industry whose interests and followers closely identify with a platform and idea similar to yours. They will then perpetuate and promote your movement.” Stitch Government said.