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Artificial Intelligence Meets Public Relations for Hyper-Evolved Media Outreach

Updated: May 20, 2020

By Heather Amorosa

Public Relations nowadays face difficulties with the ongoing global pandemic health crisis affecting thousands of people, limiting people of their daily activities such as work. Still, as election day draws near, it is needed more than ever.

Stitch Government introduces an evolved, A.I.-fueled, never-before-seen media outreach automation tool, fully featured with a fast, calculating, and precise tool that helps companies remain in the frontlines during any issue.

Ronin Autom8 is designated for public relations, government relations, public affairs, political action committee, association, and chief marketing officer space that is accessible and affordable for everyone. It runs all day, 24/7, to track more than 500,000 journalists, media outlets and influencers continuously.

It is a new type of technology that allows one to find newly published news content through steadily scanned social media platforms and websites around the web, filtered by only a defined group of your most targeted keywords.

"When Ronin Autom8 discovers social media posts or newly published news or media that matches your select keywords, our technology scans that post for sentiment, if the score meets our criteria for ‘highest possibility for interest,’ our network custom tailors a message based on your goals and motivation for media outreach, and an invite to connect is sent to the email address of the journalist." They said on its website.

 They added, "For virtually every opportunity to be interviewed for your industry niche, our technology places you directly in front of the line with a personalized email introduction that delivers such mind-blowing results that it has to be experienced to be fully appreciated."

Inside the system

Those who avail Ronin Autom8 have the freedom to decide on the content they want to use as promotion. They include Press release with daily announcements on the current products or services offered by the company, announcements on strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as Invitations for media to cover an event produced by the company, physically or through Livestream to ensure that every media outlet can cover the event.

Clients may also assist journalists covering the company by connecting them with available company experts to interview to ensure the quality of future articles. 

These actions are made possible through the A. I. driven Ronin Autom8, which allows clients to "give out any message you want to get to 100s and even 1000s of niche industry journalists can be sent with surgical precision."

This latest technology connects your company with surgically targeted media outlets, which updates them on your activities and events. Moreover, Ronin Autom8 provides clients with "pure and unbridled power" by limiting the technology to selected industry niche members, three at a time, without creating any competition among clients.

Ronin Autom8 is the beginning of the next generation of every company's industry niche, media domination, without the fear of any pandemic. 

Ronin Autom8 is offered for a steal at only $1,999 per month. The automation and precision targeting made available by this technology will put your media engagement on autopilot while you focus on your business. For organizations where the money is tight or a budget hasn't been allocated exclusively to public relations or a publicist, Ronin Autom8 can be the solution you've been waiting for that puts you on the map.