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A Thought Leader Should Be Promoted as an Industry Prophet with a Salvation Message

Updated: May 20, 2020

A meaningful leadership campaign contains a unique rhythm that is set to the ideological variant of the thought leader or political influencer. A synergistic harmony must exist between the messaging and the messenger in order for a campaign to take root in the psychology of the intended ideological convert. There is a required unification of pace, vibe, intonation, a center of gravity and intention between the publicist who orchestrates and exponentially maximizes the position and their thought leader counterpart who embodies the great work that is the poetry to the soul of the enthusiastic ideological convert.

Whether it’s a political leader, c suite executive or federal agency executive it doesn’t matter, the process of energetically taking in the client, digesting their intent and becoming one with their ambition elevates the communication between the PR practitioner and their partner expert. When this is done, a campaign becomes a movement, a speech becomes an intimate communion between a prophet and their flock and the information conveyed throughout the labyrinth of vectors becomes an element of divine inspiration that bypasses the receivers critical faculty and attaches itself to the mind, in the same way, any other spiritual experience should.

If you’re looking at thought leadership as anything other than presenting an industry prophet to their new and growing flock of industry niche enthusiast in order to convert them to a unique ideological position, then you’re missing the point of the campaign. PR without injecting ingredients that impact the soul is little more than advertising while buried in a sea of communication distraction. If you don’t buy into the expert’s message, don’t take them on as a client, save yourself the aggravation.

The spoken word is a mechanism of expression that needs to be more than the projection of noise. A message needs to be communicated that impacts the recipient down to the granular fiber of their belief system. The ideology of the thought leader needs to reverberate through the way that the new convert defines real-life issues and must deliver a positive and profound result. Most thought leadership programs fizzle out or never even gain momentum because you have a pseudo expert who’s existing off of the fumes of someone else’s campaign traction.

If you’re going to follow the prototypical path of most lazy PR and marketing firms, you’ll hit the client’s website and LinkedIn profile first for, what you think, is easy money by requiring a rewrite. But be honest, you’re not a writer and you’re going to outsource this to an Upwork contractor in India who can’t write either. If a rewrite is part of your strategy, then the content must offer a new philosophical perspective that alters the traditional analytical vibe of the text flow to a more meaningful, philosophical and poetic ideological adaption.

If you’re one of the few firms that succeed in gaining media engagement for the client, then make sure it’s the right journalist, with the right audience at the right media property, otherwise, what’s the point? If you’re promoting their blog, syndicate their material to both traditional and non-traditional platforms and repurpose the content so that there is always a text, image, audio, and video counterpart. Keynote engagements are simple, but are you putting the expert in front of the best possible audience for their message, rapid conversion, and future brand? Expert panels are also simple, but are you reviewing the questions and the pedigrees of their panel counterparts in order to optimize the visual representation of your client’s elevated position in the industry?

You should be turning down more interviews than you’re accepting. You need to have control over the keynote and expert panels, if not, pull the client. Podcasts are great, but are they professionally produced or is it two dudes and a skype connection? Memes with quotes are powerful social media ideological reinforcers, but are the images professionally taken and edited? Anybody can decide to be a thought leader and hire a PR firm that offers a boilerplate template for branding. 99% of the industry is just noise and, in the end, the client is the collateral damage. The so-called thought leader industry needs experts who understand how to offer a movement to their industry prophets, and meaningful leadership to the flock of enthusiasts ready to convert to an ideology that is going to offer them the salvation of new meaning and impact.

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