About Us

Here’s the strange story for how we opened this agency and began one of the most prolific executive catalyst programs in the country.

Our firm was founded by a group of government advisors who needed to figure out a way to bring media attention to niche-oriented legislation, and federal agency initiatives that we were working on. This type of PR is tedious and extremely difficult to draw the proper media attention, because we needed to create demand for strategies that didn’t yet exist.

We had research that needed coverage, to create both language and culture around topics that would be relevant six months in the future, but no PR firm that could facilitate this. We had associates who were either getting ready to run, or just won a seat in congress, and we needed to create demand for their role and inject pedigree into their position, but there was no one to who could facilitate this.

We needed to help agencies communicate with congress and the general public to create demand for various programs to be funded or established. No firm existed that could facilitate such a strategy. We had government clients that needed industry input for real-world strategies that would transform critical infrastructure. The executives that so-called “thought leader” programs would send us failed to come close to the maverick tier level of leadership we required.

In the end, we decided that we needed to be the ones to facilitate all of the above. We offer the next generation of thought leadership programs, and our catalyst leadership strategy is the most powerful and elite program that exists. Our leaders advise at the highest level of domestic and global government and, with our program, hyper-evolve into prolific international mavericks within industry. Our PR strategies for our thought leaders are connected directly to multiple layers of existing campaigns. This program offers the most surgically strategic, enunciated, and continuous cascade of media engagement, keynote speaking, congressional advisory, and high impact public/private sector conversations that can be had.

We work with Nation-State leaders, members of congress, federal agency C suite, newly discovered political talent, and more. We’ve only recently gone public with this model and continue to be highly selective of who we allow into our program. Our plug and play access make results virtually instantaneous, and our thought leaders become such a powerful force within industry that their input is sought after globally in only a matter of months.

Every layer of each program we offer provides the highest and most potent impact available. Results and pedigree evolution is woven into every fiber of our strategy. For the few who are ready to graduate from thought leader to global catalyst, that’s when you’re ready for us.

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